The Word-Obsessed Pagan

The Word-Obsessed Pagan

I’ve been a word person all my life. I started reading very early, and I care about language a lot. I may care too much, since it tends to inhibit my writing. I know. Words inhibiting words; it’s strange. I’m also pagan, which tends to be a lot more physical and nature oriented. I think it’s a good balance, but it’s a tricky balance to keep. I process a lot of my life through words. It’s a habit I spend a lot of time trying to break, but I’ve caught myself recently doing it again. So it’s time for me to try to focus on getting out more in the physical world and interact with it.

I need to get out and just walk. My neighborhood isn’t one of the safest, so maybe working towards a new location is a good idea. In the meantime, I can always get out on my work breaks. I’m downtown, but it’s a small city with lots of trees. It’s a good start! Autumn is my favorite time of the year, so this is a great time to start. The leaf color isn’t the greatest now. It was a long, hot summer and there’s just not a lot of color. Today’s winds could strip the trees bare before we reach peak color. I hope not.

I should also start my photography again. I most enjoy nature photography. That’s another good way for me to get out and interact with the physical world, although at one step removed. I’ve always got my cell phone with me, and it takes great photos in outdoor light, so I’ve got no excuse. I’ll start getting some pictures up here soon. Maybe connect my Flickr account?

I guess I should say something about the pagan part. I just started my second year as a part of Ár nDraíocht Féin, and I’ll be using this site to track my Dedicant’s Path work.  It’s a good path for me. There’s a balance of study and physicalness that appeals to me. And today, I just discovered a great Druid weblog, Bishop in the Grove. He’s an excellent writer with some real insights. If you’re at all interested in paganism, especially Druidry, I strongly recommend following his site. You’ll always find the link in my blogroll section on the left. Anything I link to in that section is a site that I’ve personally selected for my own reading, so it’s got to be good!

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