First Steps on the Dedicant’s Path, Part 1

Three Celtic goddesses, as depicted at Coventi...

Three Celtic goddesses, as depicted at Coventina’s well. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why have I chosen to follow the Dedicant’s Path? Why does anyone choose to begin anything? Most often it’s because it looks interesting. It appeals to us in some way. For me, Druidry offers a way that seems more structured than most. It gives me a way of developing a more physical and emotional side of myself and integrating it with my intellectual side. That’s something I’ve been craving. The DP doesn’t look easy, but that’s OK. I need a spiritual challenge right now.

At the start, I’m not sure anyone knows if something is a path or The Path. I’m very impressed with ADF. I like its balance and its seriousness. There are times, though, when I question whether any path is right for me. While I love ritual and study, I tend toward a kind of apathetic agnosticism. That’s my main reason for wanting to open myself up to spirituality and emotion. I’m also very secular. Not atheist, but strongly supportive of separation of religion and government on all levels. More than anything, though, I’m looking for balance.


3 thoughts on “First Steps on the Dedicant’s Path, Part 1

  1. I understand what you men by looking for balance. I have looked a little into druidry but I mainly floow wicca. Having said that I combine it with a lot of other studies too including tarot, lucid dreaming and quantum physics. Also I am very much into Reiki

  2. I’m on the first year Druid path with OBOD and I have had many of these thoughts myself. Do I really fit in anywhere? I have a love of Norse spirituality and Celtic with a grounding in the liberal Christianity of my 20’s. So far, being a Druid makes the most sense to me because it seems like all of me fits in with the concepts.

    • Greg says:

      Interesting. I have a strong interest in the Norse, also. I’m just not sure if I can fit it well with ADF. And I have a background in liberal Christianity. Specifically Universalist Christianity.

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