What I’m Reading Now

The Birth of Christianity cover

The Birth of Christianity

Like a lot of book lovers, I’m almost always reading more than one book at a time. Right now, I’ve got at least three going. There may be others I dip into every now and again, but I try to limit myself to three at a time.

  • Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years (Diarmaid MacCulloch – I’m having real problems with this book. It’s not that it’s a bad book, it’s just so dense! There’s a lot of information in it, and it’s very slow going. I may have to put it back on the shelf for a while, or switch to the audio version. The problem with going audio is that I don’t really like to listen to nonfiction books. Especially history, where there’s so many footnotes. It gets confusing trying to keep up with everything. Also, I like to be able to flip back and refresh my memory on different points, and that’s not easy to do with an audiobook.
  • A Taste for Murder (Claudia Bishop) – This one, I’m doing the audio version. I checked it out from our library’s downloadable audio collection. I’ve read other books by Bishop, and enjoyed them quite a lot. This one not so much. I think it may be the reader. Some of her voice characterizations are really very good. Unfortunately, I find her presentation of the main character to be kind of whiny. The story’s good, so I’ll definitely finish it, but I may avoid audiobooks done by this reader in the future.
  • The Birth of Christianity (John Dominic Crossan) – Another in my religious history reading series. This one, though still dense and slow-going, I’m actually enjoying more. Maybe it’s the writer. Crossan seems to have an easier and more open writing style than MacCulloch, at least for me. Although it’s about the same length as the MacCulloch book, it covers a much shorter time period: only the first few decades of Christianity’s history.

Well, that’s what I’m reading right now. What books are you reading, and are you enjoying them? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!


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