Headers and colors and fonts…

I’ve spent some time recently working on a header image for this site. I didn’t really like the default the theme was using, and I wanted something a little more memorable. You can see my current results at  the top.

I have had some design training, and I like working with text. It can just be a little tricky at times. For example, I use two fonts in the header image: one for the site name and another for the tagline. Originally, I had used a script-based font for the tagline, because I like scripts. Looking at it again this morning, I realized there was too much similarity between the two fonts. They were clearly different (to me, anyway), but not different enough. So I switched to a sans serif font for the tagline, and I think it looks much better.

I also had some issues with color. I had originally used a blue that didn’t show up anywhere else in the theme (1st header image, below). Don’t ask why; I really couldn’t tell you. When I got it onto the site, I realized it didn’t match at all. So I went back and used the darker blue from the background of the theme (2nd header image, below). That looked a lot better until I realized I had forgotten to change the color of the tagline. Going back and changing the tagline color gave me the 3rd header image below. “Finally,” I thought, “I’ve got something I’m happy with.” Yeah, right! When I looked at it again this morning, I realized the white at the top of the gradient was a lot harsher than what I wanted. So, back to Photoshop again for a quick change. I replaced the white in the gradient with the lighter blue from the body of the theme, and that gave me the 4th header image. That was also when I changed the font for the tagline to sans serif. Over all, I’m pretty pleased with it right now. What are your opinions?

1st header image

1st header image


2nd header image

2nd header image


3rd header image

3rd header image


4th header image

4th (and current) header image





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