Belief-O-Matic (My Spiritual Journey, part 2)

As you can tell from the title, this is #2 in a series about my spiritual journey. The first post in this series isn’t labelled, but you’ll find it here.

Belief-O-Matic is an online quiz at the Beliefnet website. It claims to be able to tell you, based on your answers to 20 questions, what religion you should practice, or at least learn more about. It’s mostly for fun. The questions are based on stated beliefs of many religious groups, and although some of the questions seem to have vague or incomplete answers, it can give you a pretty good idea of what religions match what you believe. I take it every 6-8 months, just to see how things are. Surprisingly (or maybe not), my results are pretty consistent. A few groups always make it into the top 5, with the #1 spot being 1 of 2 groups. The bottom groups are always pretty similar, too. I guess my beliefs are pretty consistent after all. Anyway, here’s the results from yesterday:

My Belief-O-Matic results (8 October 2014)

  1. Reform Judaism, Unitarian Universalism (100%)
  2. Liberal Quaker (94%)
  3. Liberal Christian/Protestant (91%)
  4. Neo-Pagan (78%)
  5. Bahá’í (77%)
  6. Secular Humanism (65%)
  7. New Thought (63%)
  8. Sikhism (57%)
  9. Mahayana Buddhism (53%)
  10. Islam, Orthodox Judaism, Taoism (51%)
  11. Jainism (50%)
  12. New Age, Non-Theist (48%)
  13. Christian Science (44%)
  14. Scientology (43%)
  15. Hinduism (42%)
  16. Orthodox Quaker (38%)
  17. Theravada Buddhism (37%)
  18. Roman Catholic (35%)
  19. Eastern Orthodox (31%)
  20. Seventh Day Adventist (24%)
  21. Mormon (23%)
  22. Conservative Christian/Protestant (20%)
  23. Jehovah’s Witness (8%)

So what does this tell me? First, and not surprisingly, I lean toward faith groups that are considered to be on the “liberal” end of the spectrum. That’s what I would expect, since it lines up fairly well with the rest of my world view. One must avoid the dreaded cognitive dissonance, after all!

There’s a second thing this tells me, which you can’t see in the list above. Of the groups I’ve been involved with (at levels ranging from attending a few times to actually joining), there are a few that you wouldn’t expect: Christian Science, Conservative Christian/Protestant, and Roman Catholic. I suspect the reason they show up is because I like traditional forms of worship, even if I might disagree with the group’s beliefs.

If anyone else takes the Belief-O-Matic quiz, I’d love to hear what you think of it. You can even share your results if you want to. And watch for future posts in this series. I’ll start talking about the different groups I’ve been involved with, my impressions, experiences, and why I left (if I did).


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