Photos from Around Town, 2007

All from an early morning in October of 2007.  There are more I took that day, but these are the best.


Reach for the Sky!

Here’s a (slightly edited) photo I took of the statue, The Search, in front of our public library. It’s one of the only remaining large, publicly visible works by local artist Barney Bright. Personally, I’m not really fond of this statue. It is dramatic, though. The library’s currently using a version of this photo as its cover photo on Facebook. We thought about using the statue in our new logo (it is well associated with the library), but it was too detailed to really work.

"The Search" by Barney Bright

“The Search” by Barney Bright

On a related note, there’s a public art project going on now as part of the town’s bicentennial celebration. I believe there’s some pretty good stuff coming out of it. I’ll get some photos as things go up.

UPDATE: Turns out there are other Bright works still around. Apparently, even the Louisville Clock is back on display (now if we could get the Louisville Falls Fountain going again). I’ll have to check them out!

Created Equal

Here’s another photo I took a few years ago. This is the Memorial Building at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park in Kentucky. Inside is a replica of the cabin Lincoln was born in. It’s a great place to go and remind yourself of all the sacrifices made in the Civil War to ensure that we became a nation of equality for all. I took this with my Olympus on a nice spring day.

Memorial Building, Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

Stars Beneath My Feet

I haven’t posted any photos recently, but here’s one of my favorites. It’s an old brick sidewalk just outside our downtown area. I really love the details, both in the way the bricks are made and the way they’re laid out.

Brick Sidewalk

Brick Sidewalk

Sometimes I really prefer black and white photography. Color can be great, but for some things, monochrome just lets details shine through. I’ve got lots of other photos, taken with a variety of cameras. I’ll start posting more of them. This one was taken with a film camera, my trusty old Olympus.