Ultimate Blog Challenge – October 2014

Ultimate Blog Challenge Banner

Ultimate Blog Challenge Banner

Well, I took the plunge. I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge for October. In a way, it’s kind of scary. I’ve never done something like this before, deciding to write something here every day for a month. What happens if I run out of things to say? Granted, that’s not likely. I can talk a lot when I want to. I guess the real question is what do I do if I run out of things to write? That’s completely different. So anyway, I need to do 31 blog posts during the month of October. Who knows what I’ll write about? There are some posts I need to do followups on, more music posts I have in mind, maybe some creative writing. It should be interesting. I’m looking forward to it.


I’ve Heard the Bigfoot Singing

Foilage I n A Pacific Northwest Nature Refuge

Foilage I n A Pacific Northwest Nature Refuge (Photo credit: bterrycompton)

Sitting here watching a television show about Bigfoot  I’m reminded of a dream I had last year. I had gone to the Pacific Northwest looking for Bigfoot  For some reason, I believed they were related to me. I was in this small mountain town, getting ready to head out. It was a really misty morning, with the sun just starting to come up. Suddenly, I heard this beautiful, unearthly singing. No words, just really gorgeous close-harmony tones. I knew what I was hearing was the song of a group of Bigfoot greeting the dawn. It really was one of the most heartrendingly beautiful sounds I had ever heard in my life. Believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a Bigfoot choir. Even now, almost a year later, I remember the dream very clearly. More than I do the dreams I’ve had this week.

I still want to go find Bigfoot.

Fragments on Awakening

Moments after my alarm went off, this sentence popped into my head: “the blond came back into view, perfect nipples marking the symmetry of his lightly furred chest.”